0.781 micron accuracy in the X, Y znd Z axis; HEPA Filter to reduce particle emissions when printing; 4x Torque to the filament drive; Onboard Camera for remote monitoring; High repeatability (<0.005 mm, 5 micron) Lightning speed (< 1 second switching time) 1.5 mm lifting distance, compatible with flexible filaments; Multiple fail safe systems
Makeblock mElephant 3D Printer is a new generation of 3D Printer from Makeblock with high-precision and extensibility. Features: Heavy-duty aluminum frame for long-time use; Works with both Cura and Printrun; XY resolution as 0.1mm, and layer resolution as 0.1-0.3mm for high-accuracy. Support extending with additional parts in Makeblock platform.
Oct 16, 2019 · If there is any wobble, it should be cyclical and repeat with a period identical to the pitch of the lead screw attached to the Z axis. If the lead screw had an 8mm pitch, then you should see the pattern repeat every 8mm. A key thing to watch out for is to make sure that your Z axis is properly constrained and not over constrained. Properly constrained means you have smooth rods, linear rails, or extrusions with V-slot wheels making sure that the Z axis only moves on Z and doesn't shift around.
/ Products / Industrial 3D Printers / Modix BIG-120Z. ... – XL print volume of 600 x 600 x 1200 mm – Z axis guides, HIWIN MGW Linear Rails ... XYZ accuracy: 4 x ...