Nov 02, 2015 · Could you pls add more details to it like what type of bootstrap dialog box is it?, etc. Nathan Minier 30-Oct-15 7:59am You would have to write your own method that will generate a modal confirm and return the response from the user.
In this tutorial you'll learn how to create dynamic modals using Bootstrap, ASP.NET Core and some Javascript/jQuery. I'll teach you how to load modal via ajax request as well as I'll teach you how to submit a form from within such modal also via ajax. As a bonus I'll show you how to display valiation errors.
At the top level of your bootstrap theme you’ll find a directory for each major Bootstrap version that’s supported (currently both v3 and v4). Within each directory you have all the relevant files for that version. To view your Bootstrap Theme documentation, simply find the docs directory and open index.html in your favorite browser.